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January 16, 2024

Parenting Press, an imprint of Chicago Review Press

What if parenting is an act of social justice?

A part story-telling, part self-inquiry book, Parenting at the Intersections is a love letter to parents of neurodivergent children of color. The authors invite you into a warm and generous space, where many families share their frontline experiences of raising neurodivergent children of color. If you are a parent who is raising a neurodivergent child of color, this book is a soft place to land, to be fully seen and celebrated. With an intimate understanding of the isolation and loneliness that families experience navigating family, schools, doctors, technology etc. this book provides many opportunities for readers to slow down and reflect on their parenting journeys. 


By situating parenting in a larger context of various interlocking systems of oppression including settler colonialism, white supremacy , ableism, and capitalism, they gently guide us to understand how none of us parent in a vacuum or were parented in one. And widening the lens on parenting in this way gives us the chance to take a collective breath, and notice that to raise good humans within and against dominating systems of oppression requires the generosity and  loving embrace of communities. It is for this reason that this book also invites extended family, doctors, teachers, neighbors, colleagues and other community members to enter this world. The stories in this book offer an opportunity to understand the struggles and joys of parenting children with these identities. It reminds us that in specificity, there is universality–that liberation for all depends on all of our collective ability to witness.

"In this book, you’ll find kind companions who sense that the thing to do as white stability hollows out, the politics of our moment, must go beyond the critique of oppressive paradigms, leap into the extraordinary ordinariness of parenting, and dwell beside the liminal cracks of neurodivergence."
Dr. Bayo Akomolafe, celebrated speaker, teacher, self-styled trans-public intellectual and author of These Wilds Beyond Our Fences: Letters to My Daughter on Humanity's  Search for Home.  

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